Pawleys Pale Ale

Pawleys Pale Ale is a carefully crafted balance of American malts and hops.   An American style pale ale with fruity esters, spicy flavor and a lightly floral bitterness, Pawleys Pale Ale is an easy drinking Session beer with an approximate ABV of 4.0%-4.5%.  Late summer sunsets on the North inlet, door mat sized flounder, and a few good friends go especially well with an iced cooler full of Pawleys Pale Ale!

Little House IPA

Little House IPA is named after a small cottage located on Pawleys Island that has been at the center of fun for decades.  What happens in the Little House, stays in the Little House.  Little House IPA is an example of an American-style IPA with an approximate ABV of 6.0%-7.0%.  It is medium reddish copper color made with America pale ale malts.  It is decidedly hoppy and bitter with intense citrus and pine aromas.  It is bold and intense, featuring Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops.  The Little House is also the location where the founders brewed their first batch of Pawleys Island beer, an IPA!

Coquina  Belgium Blonde

Coquina Blonde Ale is named after the small saltwater clam found on the beaches of South Carolina and the Southeast.  Coquinas have beautiful colored shells and are often exposed by retreating waves on sandy beaches.  Coquina Blonde Ale is our take on a traditional Belgian Blonde Ale.  Coquina Blonde Ale has a grainy, slightly sweet Pilsner malt character with an ABV of approximately 6.0% to 7.0% ABV with subtle, restrained spicy, fruity and alcohol flavors.  It has a little upfront sweetness but finishes dry and balanced.   High carbonation and a medium body contribute to a slightly creamy overall mouthfeel. The gentle mix of fruity esters (lemon, orange, grapefruit, pear), sometimes light phenolic spiciness (pepper, clove) and smooth, slightly warming alcohols builds a complex but easy-drinking beer.

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