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July 12, 2017



From our head brewer, Darren McClean, "We have four beers planned. 1-Coquina Wheat, 2-Pawleys Pale Ale, 3-Little House IPA, and 4-Gray Man Stout."  Yummie! 



Converting an empty warehouse into a production brewery took far longer than we imagined, but finally it is go-time boys and girls.  We are pretty much cleared to go into production.  The plan is once we get our first beer in the tank, to add a style a week until we have enough variety to open the tap room.  Then you will see more info on the beers and tap room page, as well as grand opening information.   We know that an awful lot of you have been waiting for both, and we sincerely appreciate your patience.  Believe us, we would have made it happen sooner if it were possible.  Having sampled some of what Darren and Fraser have planned, we feel very confident that you will find it worth the wait.  We can't wait to meet you, hang out awhile, and share a brew.  Or two.



The very much sought after Pawleys Island Brewing t-shirts will be available as soon as the tap room opens.  We should also have glassware and stickers.  In the meantime, our web site is getting an overhaul and along with that, an e commerce setup.  So we should also be able to sell PIB merch online.



We usually post the most recent photos of construction/production at Instagram.  So never a bad thing to hit us up over there.  As we get more into production and get more organized, we'll have the flounder, rice, and black eyed peas here.  Until then, see you on the flip flop.



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