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- Feb 27, 2017

Warp Factor 10 Mr. Sulu!


After an excruciating long wait for permits and licensing, the first week in January we were given the green light for construction and away we went.  Things are happening rapidly and we've come a very long way in a few weeks.  But hey, there are an awful lot of pipes, wires, tubes, cables, coils, and fittings to connect and test .  Many days we had concrete, plumbing, electrical, logistical, and general contractors all in the house.  Yepee! 

And all of those contractors have been superb, thank you boys and girls.  They even didn’t mind if we jumped in to drive a nail or  screw.   Framing and plumbing for the bar in the Tasting (Tap) Room is underway, including a small kitchen and places for lads and ladies to discretely powder their noses. 


Thanks to all whom have stopped by to lend a hand or give support.  We couldn't do it without you!  We are very much looking forward to brewing beer and a grand opening party.  Let everyone know the dates ASAP.


Be good y'all.

Pawleys Island Brewing crew



- Sep 1, 2016

Greetings friends and family of Pawleys Island Brewing.  We wish that we had a bunch of construction and equipment testing photos for you this time around, but we are more or less caught in the time of playing the waiting game.  We’ve been working with architects, engineers, landscapers, and our friends in the brewing business to move things along as rapidly as possible, but the truth is that due to the current growth in the Charleston area, it does take a little more time than usual to get things done.

Not that folks haven’t been helpful.  It’s been said before, but once again this great city is a victim of its own success. 

We received the major portion of our beautifully crafted brew house the end of June, and have been using the pre-construction time to inventory and organize as much as we can in the current environment. 


A nice surprise this morning was mention in Charleston’s Post and Courier by Warren Wise in his business column.  Of course were also excited to see this in traditional print.


Lastly, we are going to turn up the Pawleys Island Brewing Store next week in order to offer a limited number of the first run of our T-shirt which features our hand sketched logo on the back.  We think that they are comfortable, especially taking an early morning stroll on the beach or hanging out on a dock at sunset. 


Cheers and stay dry this weekend.  Storm's coming through.

Pawleys Island Brewing crew


- May 5, 2016

Good news.  We've secured a great location in North Charleston, and have begun working with an architect on the interior design.  Also, our manufacturer notified us that the equipment is scheduled to arrive mid-June.  So, lots of clean-up, construction, installation, testing, and of course mountains of paperwork to go before we can finally settle down to do some brewing.  That will be a good day.  Cheers - Pawleys Island Brewing crew


- February 3, 2016 -

To our investors, family, and friends, the three founders would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the trust that you've given us to make Pawleys Island Brewing a reality in 2016.  In short, as of late January and after what seemed like an excruciating amount of research, planning, and footwork, the tempo is finally accelerating to the point that things are moving rapidly toward a ground breaking date.  The brewing house equipment is being manufactured, tons of documentation has been completed, swag has been designed and printed, and we are very close to selecting between some really awesome locations in Charleston for the brewery.  That should happen in the next few weeks.  We've also been working on a few new  recipes that we know you will find mouth-watering on opening day.  Hang in there, more good news to come.  Cheers - Pawleys Island Brewing crew


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